NBPME Board Exam Part I – Pass

NBPME Board Exam Part II – Pass

NBPME Board Exam Part III – Pass

ABFAS Foot Surgery Qualification Exam – Pass
BLS – American Heart Association | American Stroke Association


Injection Experience Logs

Amniotic Membrane Injection Plantar Fascia 4

Amniotic Membrane Injection Achilles Tendon 4

Corticosteroid Injection Ankle >25

Corticosteroid Injection Heel >200

Hyaluronic Acid Injection Ankle 9

Hyaluronic Acid Injection Great Toe (first metatarsal phalangeal joint) 5

Hyaluronic Acid Injection Midfoot 2

Spider Vein Sclerotherapy 5



Surgical Case Logs 

Achilles tendon repair 3

Achilles tendon lengthening (Gastrocnemius recession) 3

Ankle arthrotomy 1

Ankle tendon repair (Peroneal) 9

Ankle tendon groove deepening (Peroneal) 1

Ankle ligament repair (Modified Brostrom Gould) 11

Ankle ligament repair (Modified Brostrom Gould with Talus anchor) 4

Bone Marrow Harvesting (Calcaneus) 1

Bone biopsy (metatarsal) 1

Bunion repair (Chevron) 26

Bunion repair (Lapidus) 5

Bunion repair (Modified McBride) 3

Bunion repair (Silver) 1

Bunion repair (Youngswick) 1

Bunion repair (Akin) 3

Deep peroneal nerve decompression at mid foot 1

Emergent exploration for forefoot arterial bleed 1

Excision Os Tibiale Extremum (Accessory Navicular) 2

Excision Os Trigonum 2

Excision Os Vesalianum 2

Excision nonunion fracture of calcaneus anterior process 1

Excision nonunion fracture fragment great toe 1

Excision fracture fragment ankle 1

First mtpj fusion 2

Flatfoot reconstruction (Gastrocnemius recession, evans osteotomy, first tmtj fusion) 1

Flatfoot reconstruction (Calcaneal slide, first tmtj fusion, achilles lengthening) 1

Flatfoot reconstruction (Cotton osteotomy, medial calcanea slide) 1

Flatfoot reconstruction (Cotton osteotomy, medial calcaneal slide, posterior tibial tendon repair) 1

Freiberg Infraction Repair 1

Great toe fusion (Hallux ipj) 1

Gunshot wound repair 2

Haglund deformity repair 1

Hallux limitus repair (Cheilectomy) 6

Hammertoe repair 3

Hardware removal forefoot 4

Hardware removal rearfoot 2

Heel spur excision 1

Incision, drainage, and debridement of abscess 3

Ingrown Toenail Repair >300

Lengthening of congenitally short metatarsal (Callus distraction) 1

Microfracture metatarsal head 2

Midfoot arthritis repair (First tmtj dorsal exostectomy) 4

Midfoot arthritis repair (First tmtj fusion) 1

Neuroma excision 2

Open repair of fifth metatarsal base fracture 1

Open repair of toe fracture 5

Open repair of fourth metatarsal fracture 1

Open repair of nonunion of metatarsal osteotomy 1

Open repair of second metatarsal fracture 2

Open repair of fifth metatarsal shaft fracture 1

Plantar fascia repair 16

Plantar fibroma excision 1

Plantar warts excision 1

Posterior Tibial Tendon Exploration 1

Removal of ankle exostosis 1

Removal foreign body from foot 1

Revision of Nonunion great toe interphalangeal joint fusion 1

Revision of Nonunion of cotton osteotomy 1

Septic joint irrigation 2

Sesamoid excision (tibial) 1

Sesamoid excision (hallux interphalangeal) 1

Soft tissue mass excision from foot 1

Soft tissue tumor excision from ankle 1

Subungual hematoma open fracture repair 1

Tarsal tunnel release 1

Weil osteotomy 1

Experience updated through 7/19/2017


Continuing Education Courses

AO North America Basic Course 2012

Dale Carnegie Course

Stryker Foot & Ankle Dissection Course 2013

Stryker Mastering Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery 2015

Competent Toastmaster

ACFAS Scientific Conference 2015

Wright Medical Emerging Techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery 2015

U.S. Navy Battlefield Acupuncture Course 2016

North Carolina Foot and Ankle Society 2016 Winter Seminar

Stryker 2016 Dissection Workshop

North Carolina Foot and Ankle Society 2017 Winter Seminar



Emerging Concepts With Dynamic Compression Staples In Foot Surgery.  Podiatry Today, March 2, 2017.